Well, Darlings…with all the fussing about how the the world is falling apart, and NYC isn’t what it was, and even Greenwich Village is disappearing…..I decided to get out and look for some GOOD NEWS!!!…and I found it! The Village has some restaurants that have atmosphere, a lovely staff, and terrific food!!! Mummy’s off right now on Sunday morning to WALLSE at 344 West 11th Street on the corner of Washington Street. Situated in a landmark building just a block from the Hudson River Promenade, it was the first restaurant opened by Chef Kurt Gutenbrunner and features a modern take on traditional Viennese cuisine!! I’m heading out for the brilliant Wiener Schnitzel….with lingonberry preserves. Here’s their link: http://kg-ny.com/wallse. See you there, mon cher!!! xoxoxo, Sybil.

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