FABULOUS!!! Just spent a hysterical evening at the Laurie Beechman Theatre under the delectable Westbank Cafe on West 42nd Street in the heart of NYC!!!! As if the food there isn’t wonderful enough, the show COMIC DIVERSITY dazzled!!! The comedians included the brilliant host, Jimmy Failla, and Dom Sileo, Danielle Beckmann, Amin Makhani, Mark Normand, Emil Kim, Emma Willman, Mike Brown, Leah Bonnema, & Special Guest Headliner, Carmen Lynch. What a big dose of Holiday Hilarity to get in your stocking…and anywhere else you might keep that sort of thing!!! Watch for their next one, and be sure not to miss it!!!!! The perfect antidote to those awful Mid-Winter Blues!!!! Here’s their website….run! Don’t walk!!! And tell ‘em Sybil sent you!!!  WWW.COMICDIVERSITY.COM

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