HOME!… There’s no place like HOME!

Darlings, There’s so much going on in this website that even I get lost trying to figure it all out! Each tab under the scrolling film has a page to visit. There’s a monthly recipe on WHAT’S COOKIN’, and my calendar of upcoming shows is under NITE’N'DAY! The LE CINEMATIQUE page is a free ticket to all sorts of film clips from the Archives! And you can check out the latest gossip, my bio, photo album, and the blog on the others! Try them all!!! Just roll your cursor over the images and click! The calendar will change, the recipe will unroll, you’ll be sent to the Youtube channel, etc.!…You can find information on Gay Bingo, Drag Queen Comedy, and other LGBT events and fundraisers!!! We totally put the “Fun” in Fundraising!!!…and if you get frazzled, you can always come back here, make yourself a drink, get your bearings, have a little lie-down, and start out again on your adventures with Mummy!……you and your little dog too!…Now…Click your heels three times…..